Account creation and company setup.

Create account

Redeem invitation

The first user in a company to set up their MedStack Control account also sets up the company. This user would have received an invitation to start using MedStack Control.

By default, this user's role is set to Owner. The Owner can invite additional teammates to join the organization on MedStack Control.

  1. Click Join your team in the invitation email.
  1. Enter or confirm your email and create a password. Read and agree to the MedStack Customer Agreement and then click Create Account.

Set up 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your MedStack Control account. It is designed to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.


Setting up 2FA can be done in just a few steps using your Android or iOS mobile device. As part of this quickstart guide, we will be using the Microsoft Authenticator app to create time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) used for 2FA logins.

  1. Download and install the app. Install the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app, based on your operating system. You can read more about the Microsoft Authenticator app if you're curious to learn about their two-factor verification technology.

  2. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and click the + button to scan the QR code displayed during the MedStack Control account creation steps in your browser.

  1. Scan the QR code with your camera via the Microsoft Authenticator app.

  2. Input the 6-digit authenticator code into the Authenticator code field in MedStack Control and click Next.

  3. Capture and store the recovery codes in a safe place then click Next. There are six recovery codes generated and each can be used only once. If you need to generate more recovery codes at a later date, you can do so from the User profile page in MedStack Control.


These recovery codes can be used to log in to your account in case you lose access to your 2FA app and the corresponding TOTPs generated on your mobile device. This can sometimes happen by accidentally deleting the application or switching to another mobile device.


Make sure you save your recovery codes

Some recommended ways of capturing and storing recovery codes include:

  • Create a secure note in a password manager like LastPass and 1Password
  • Copy and paste to a text file, encrypt the file, and store it on a secure device or directory on your machine
  • Print the recovery codes and store them in a secure place like a safe or safety deposit box

Next steps

If you're joining an existing company in MedStack Control:

  • Clicking Next will bring you to the MedStack Control dashboard where you can build, deploy, maintain, and audit your applications and environments.

If you're setting up a new company in MedStack Control:

What's next

Finish setting up the company then start building in MedStack Control.