Healthchecks are configured in Docker services and can be used to improve the availability of your services.

Load Balancer Healthchecks

Load balancer healthchecks are configured in Docker services and can determine when a container is not healthy to receive traffic.


Healthchecks are configured per service and are tested at container runtime.


To view load balancer healthcheck logs:

  1. Navigate to the "loadbalancer" service details page.

  2. Click "Logs" to view the logs.

  3. Inspect the logs for the behaviour of healthchecks.
    The following example is what a failing healthcheck could look like.

Docker Healthchecks

Docker healthchecks are defined in Dockerfile and will run when the container is started. However, the outcome of a Docker healthcheck has limited visibility in MedStack Control. The result of a failing healthcheck may be published as a task error on the service details page.