About MedStack Control

The all-in-one solution to build, deploy, maintain, and audit your digital health applications in compliant cloud environments.


The platform

MedStack Control is a dashboard application built for teams who need highly compliant cloud environments, without spending large amounts of time and money to establish complex development and operations (DevOps) for running digital health applications.

As a developer, you'll be using Control to:

    🚧  Build cloud environments and resources,
    🚀  Deploy Docker applications and services,
    📊  Maintain services and resources in your environments,
    ✅  Audit your environments for adherence to compliance frameworks.

With MedStack Control, development teams can spend more time focusing on application development, and less time establishing DevOps specific to building applications that handle protected health information (PHI), including the need to uphold high and provable security standards.

How it works

As we began building MedStack Control, we were clear about our development culture that translated into the product. We call it, compliance by design.

When you build environments and resources in MedStack Control, they are provisioned with stringent security configurations and leverage industry leading cybersecurity tools. The ways in which the resources are provisioned and tools are integrated tie directly back to MedStack's inheritable policies.

MedStack's policies are a part of our product. Our code-generated policies cover the administrative, technical, and physical safeguards protecting your environments. These policies cover the HIPAA compliance requirements demanded by cloud environments in digital health industries among other reputable compliance frameworks.

Provability at the core

Behind the product that developers interact with on a daily basis are a set of growing and sophisticated tools that:

  • Maintain the resources and services that compose your environments,
  • Generate evidence to prove policy adherence of these environments,
  • Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to help you answer security questionnaires.

This provability is essential to obtaining certifications like SOC 2 Type 2.

What's next

Learn about the requirements for bringing or building your applications for running on MedStack Control.