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Performance Statistics

Is there any way to access Docker nodes, services container performance metrics like CPU & memory utilization, storage consumption, or I/O other than though the dashboard ??

Node creation is hung

Hi Team, Under the following cluster name, node creation is hung. 1. UAT-NUMI_UTILS 2. UAT-UTILS I am unable to delete the cluster as well. Any help and detail will be helpful.

Connect to a Redis container

How can I get my app service to communicate with my redis service? I currently am setting the `REDIS_URL` in my application to `redis://host.docker.internal:6379/0`, but I can't seem to connect.

How do I delete old invitations for users

There is an old invitation for a user that I want to delete. But my only option is to "Resend". I don't want to do that.

Deploying Mirth Connect

Is it possible to run Mirth Connect on MedStack Control?

Hosting static files on MedStack Control's storage service

Should we move all our static files (HTML, JS, CSS, etc) to MedStack Control? We currently host static assets on our S3 bucket.

Creating IP address access rules to webapp

We're familiar with using Cloudflare as a proxy to apply IP address access rules to webapps. How can I do this on MedStack Control?

Get storage account primary and secondary key

Is there a way to get the primary and secondary key when generate the storage account?

Running a service that isn't bound by a task/job

Hi team, I'm hoping to run a centOS (or similar) service that isn't executing any job for the purpose of sandboxing. Is this possible?

On Medstack - Where are Backups stored? And how are backups eventually destroyed?

Where are Backups stored? And how are backups eventually destroyed?