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how can we allow medstack storage SAS token to allow read from all IPs in the world

I use the following url to read some file I saved in medstack (I'm replacing sensitve date with curly brackets {vars}: https://{storage-account-name}.blob.core.windows.net/{container-name}/{blob-name}.jpg?sp=r&sv=2018-11-09&sr=c&st=2022-07-13T16%3A09%3A00Z&se={expires}&spr=https&sig={secret} This only works for allowed IPs declared in the "Allowed IP's" tab. How can I open this to everyone with the link?

How do I apply rolling updates to a service?

We are in the process of migrating our application from a monolith to a micro-services approach and will need the ability to apply updates to service containers in a rolling fashion. Are there any plans to expose update related flags in the service configuration? Most likely we would require these flags: --update-delay --update-parallelism --update-failure-action --stop-grace-period And it would be nice to also have access to these: --update-max-failure-ratio --update-order For now, can you provide us with the default values for these flags? Any update on this would be appreciated it since it will most likely be a hard requirement for new deployments in the near future and would like to make sure that the values used would be appropriate for us. Thank you!

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Minio gateway sas token

I'm wanting to use our app's Minio storage gateway to connect to the Azure blob storage however I cannot find a way to have Minio use the generated SAS token. Its wanting the storage account keys which aren't available. Does anyone have experience implementing Minio using Azure blob provided through Medstack? Thanks!