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Permission denied when accessing secrets

I'm using a public container image and am trying to access secrets in the service. I've added secrets to the Docker environment, and then updated the service to use these secrets. ``` Docker secret: FB_TOKEN // ****** Service secret configuration: FB_TOKEN // FB_TOKEN.secret ``` The `FB_TOKEN.secret` file is available at /var/run/secrets/ at runtime but when the application attempts to access the secret, **permission is denied**. The Dockerfile for the container image has configured: `USER root` `USER 1000` Please advise.

Minio gateway sas token

I'm wanting to use our app's Minio storage gateway to connect to the Azure blob storage however I cannot find a way to have Minio use the generated SAS token. Its wanting the storage account keys which aren't available. Does anyone have experience implementing Minio using Azure blob provided through Medstack? Thanks!

Set up SFTP to transfer files in and out of the Docker environment

How can I setup FTP or SFTP or expose ports on nodes to make this happen?

Does MedStack Control support MongoDB?

We're migrating to MedStack Control and need to bring our MongoDB, but I don't see it as type of database when creating a database server in my cluster. How can I run MongoDB in a MedStack Control environment?

Using object storage as a local filesystem

Is it possible to mount a blob as a folder on a container?

Connect to a Redis container

How can I get my app service to communicate with my redis service? I currently am setting the `REDIS_URL` in my application to `redis://host.docker.internal:6379/0`, but I can't seem to connect.

Building Docker images on new MacBooks with the Apple M1 chip

Are there known issues or limitations when building Docker images on M1 MacBooks?

Cannot pull images from Docker Hub registry

After adding registry credentials in Docker, when I try and pull an image down as a service deploys, the container fails to start stating that "no image was found" in my registry.

Access Redis service from the exterior

I need my redis service to be reachable by a redis-client not in my cluster. I have created a redis service using the redis:alpine image. I have set a domain name (like redis.blabla.com) and specified the internal port 6379 (I checked, it is the exposed port in the dockerfile) and configured my dns redirection (using the same process as my other services that are using http) I have restarted the load balancer. So now the redis service should be accessible for the other services in the node. But I need to access it from outside as well. When I use redis-cli on my computer, with hostname 'redis.blabla.com' and port 80, it connects, but for any command I receive `Error: Protocol error, got "H" as reply type byte` From my research I understand that maybe the load balancer did not transmit the request with the right protocol, which should be TCP (I think). Is it a use-case already seen? If so, what did I miss?

How can I backup and restore my clusters?

We'd like to test our disaster recovery plan. How can I capture a backup and restore from a backup?