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Access Redis service from the exterior

I need my redis service to be reachable by a redis-client not in my cluster.

I have created a redis service using the redis:alpine image.
I have set a domain name (like redis.blabla.com) and specified the internal port 6379 (I checked, it is the exposed port in the dockerfile) and configured my dns redirection (using the same process as my other services that are using http)
I have restarted the load balancer.

So now the redis service should be accessible for the other services in the node.
But I need to access it from outside as well.

When I use redis-cli on my computer, with hostname 'redis.blabla.com' and port 80, it connects, but for any command I receive Error: Protocol error, got "H" as reply type byte

From my research I understand that maybe the load balancer did not transmit the request with the right protocol, which should be TCP (I think).

Is it a use-case already seen? If so, what did I miss?