Restore Docker volume and database server backups

We are excited to announce a new feature available in your workspace that allows you to restore Docker volume backups and database server backups on demand. Check out our guide on restoring a backup for more information!

Docker volume restore

To restore a volume on a node:

  1. Identify the node containing the data volume you'd like to restore
  2. From the node actions button, select "Restore a Volume"
  3. Select the volume backup you'd like to restore and click "Restore"
  4. You'll see a temporary container spun up processing the volume restore job that stops once the restore has completed

You can also generate a list of these backups as evidence for your compliance needs:

  1. In a production cluster, click "Manage Docker" and navigate to the "Volumes" tab
  2. Click the "List Backups" button to see the 500 most recent Docker volume snapshots
  3. Click the "Export CSV" button to download a file that can serve as evidence of the backup policy

Database server restore

To restore a database server:

  1. Identify the database server you'd like to restore
  2. From the database server actions button, select "Restore from backup"
  3. Select the point in time to which you'd like to restore a new database server of the backup
  4. You'll see a new database server spin up containing containing the data at the desired point in time