Flexible database servers now Generally Available

Flexible database servers are now Generally Available, supporting Azure's best-in-class managed database service in MedStack Control clusters.

What's new with flexible database servers?

Compared to its predecessor, single database servers, flexible database servers have several improvements over the legacy database service.

  • Burstable and Memory Optimized servers can be deployed
  • Several bare metal improvements by Azure that have improved the reliability, maintainability, stability, and performance of these resources
  • Support for PostgreSQL versions 12, 13, 14, and 15, and future supported versions
  • Deletion controls allowing only "Owner" roles with privileges to delete a flexible database server

Learn more about flexible database servers here.

What's happening with single database servers?

Azure will stop supporting single database servers in 2025, which are currently labeled as "database servers" in MedStack Control clusters.

  • If you have single database servers running in a cluster, they'll continue to operate. However, there will be an upcoming maintenance activity in the Spring 2024 to migrate from single database servers to flexible database servers.
  • If you do not have any single database servers running in a cluster, you will not see the "database servers" table and will only be able to deploy new flexible database servers.