Monitor your resources

Use the Monitoring page to view the status and health of your resources, such as containers and servers.


The following information is shown for each container.

  • Container ID  Container ID.
  • Image Name  Image used to create the container.
  • Cluster  Cluster the container belongs to.
  • Status  Container status (number of days running).


The following information is shown for each server (node) in the cluster.

  • Hostname  IP address.
  • Cluster  Cluster the server belongs to.
  • Status  Overall server status, indicated by an icon (OK or warning).
  • Availability  Server availability. A checkmark is shown if the server is running.

Server Metrics

Click the hostname to view CPU, memory and container statistics for a server.

Click CPUMemory or Container size to view more detailed statistics. You can select a date range or click Now to view the current status.

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