Load balancer

What it does

MedStack Control provides a pre-configured Traefik load balancer to accept connections from the internet and distribute traffic across the nodes in a cluster. A load balancer service is required in order to serve HTTPS services to the public internet.

SSL certificate management

Traefik works with Let's Encrypt to automatically generate and renew SSL certificates for the domains your Docker services depend on. As such, you do not need to manage the SSL certificates for your domains accessible through services running on MedStack.

Connection protocol

MedStack Control secures your swarm by blocking all other incoming connections, and proxies all incoming HTTPS connections through the load balancer managed service. Traefik also handles the termination of HTTPS connections.

Any container can be configured to be proxied by the load balancer. The load balancer will automatically balance traffic across all of the containers that are connected to it.

How to set up

  1. Navigate to the cluster configuration page on which you'd like to run the load balancer.
  2. Ensure you are in the Services section of the cluster and create a new service.
  3. Select the load balancer service.
  4. The load balancer is preconfigured, so you can deploy it on your cluster by simply creating the service.

You'll now see the load balancer running as a container on the cluster overview page and as a listed service within your cluster configuration.

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