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MedStack's backup system strengthens the security posture of your Docker environment and managed services. All backups and snapshots are encrypted during transit and at rest.

MedStack's backup and restore system has been designed for automating disaster recovery and will be improving to support additional use cases and functionality.

Docker environment

The Docker environment is a MedStack managed resource. An agent on the host machine ensures a Docker environment snapshot is captured every hour. We preserve these snapshots for 24 hours. Every day for 1 week we preserve the final day's snapshot. Every week for 1 month we preserve the final week's snapshot. Additionally, we preserve the final month's snapshot indefinitely as long as you have a subscription for a paid MedStack account.

In summary, our backup system works as follows for your Docker environment:

  • Hourly backups preserved for 24 hours.
  • Daily backups preserved for one week.
  • Weekly backups preserved for one month.
  • Monthly backups preserved indefinitely.

Scope of backups

The scope of the hourly backups includes the following:

  • The configuration of the Docker environment regarding:
    • Secrets
    • Configs
    • Registries
    • Services
  • Disk data mapped to a volume on all nodes.
    • Note, mapped volume data is automatically restored on the manager node. To restore volume data on other nodes, contact us at

There are some notable exclusions of the backups to be aware of:

  • Disk data that is not mapped to a volume.
  • The number and size of nodes operating in the Docker environment.
  • Static IP addresses mapped to nodes.

Capturing a snapshot

At the moment, MedStack's automatic backup system captures hourly snapshots and cannot be triggered manually by users.

Restoring a backup

In order to restore a cluster from a backup, please contact using the following template:

I'd like to restore a cluster from a backup:

  • [Cluster name]
  • [Number of nodes to restore]
  • [Data volumes to restore]
  • [Approximate timestamp in local timezone or UTC]

Managed services

The backup and restore behaviour for managed services is configured through the cloud provider.


Azure managed databases for MySQL and PostgreSQL are configured to be backed up once to twice per day, depending on the size of the database. Additionally we configure Azure managed databases to retain backups for the maximum period of 35 days.

Restoring from a database backup must be done through our support team at We intend on supporting functionality for self-service restoration for Azure managed databases in the near future.

You can read more about the Azure managed databases backup information for MySQL and for PostgreSQL directly on Azure's documentation.

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